Monday, October 06, 2008

It's All Doom and Gloom

No, not really.

Just a note that we're always looking forward. Joey Porter's Pit Bulls have already moved on.

Yes, that was a noble and heroic effort last night. We get a bye week this week. Then the Bengals, who played the Cowboys very tough on Sunday.

What really counted about last night's game was the forging of identity. This team is forging an identity. Of toughness. Fortitude. Resilience. Physicality (violence). That's going to be the key going forward.

The schedule doesn't get any easier. The Bengals are 0-5, and they have a pussy quarterback, but they're a division rival -- and we need to take them seriously.

Then it gets even tougher.

Moving forward.

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honkbopsax said...

There's always the chance that one or more Bengals will be arrested in the next two weeks for one altercation or another. Carson Palmer may be one of the most overrated quarterback's out there. Ocho shutupandfuckingplay-O couldn't find rhythm to the offense if Chris Henry, Travis Henry and Travis Barker handed it to him. Marvin Lewis continues to tell his guys that they are better than the teams that keep beating them. How's about proving it, you bald-headed stooge?