Sunday, September 21, 2008

Uh, that didn't go so well ...

It's almost too depressing to write about.

Ugly game for the Steelers' offense: Nine official sacks (although it seemed like more), countless hurries and drag-downs, two lost fumbles, a safety, an interception, just 20 yards rushing for Fast Willie, and at least one new injury for Big Ben.

At least Troy Polamalu had a spectacular interception, and the defense played pretty well, all things considered. But as poorly as the offense played, it was incomprehensible that the game was as tight as it was.

And it didn't help that the coaching staff had a brain cramp at the end of the game when they had Byron Leftwich throw the ball on fourth and 10, instead of going for a field goal. They needed two scores anyway, and going for it on fourth down -- and not converting -- removed any chance for recovering an onside kick and scoring again.

*** *** ***

In-game reportage ...

It's the second quarter, and Assante Samuel just intercepted Big Ben. The other defensive back on the play, by the way, could have easily been flagged for faceguarding -- he didn't look back for the ball.

Anyway, Big Ben's getting killed back there. How 'bout this: Establish the running game. What a novel concept.

On the plus side, Joey Porter and the Miami Dolphins beat the Patriots soundly today. Hmmm, maybe Peezy and the Fins really did treat Matt Cassell like a rookie, as he promised last week.

And the Browns lost and are now 0-3, and Bengals lost, too, so we've got that going for us. The Bengals suck. Still.


Cotter said...

Moral of this story - We need to plan every game like it's a playoff game. Take what they give you and don't pretend this is the Colts offense. Gotta run to pass, man. Even Peyton Manning knows that.

Arians = The Asshole (I've defended him since he became the OC, but I'm really starting to lose all patience with him and his "game plan"...more like lack thereof)

nellie said...

Saw this on a t-shirt tonight. Thought you'd appreciate it.