Sunday, September 21, 2008

How 'bout this ...

Y'know what? Phuck Philadelphia. The Eagles. And especially the Flyers. Phuck their phans. Phuck Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. Fuck 'em all.

May they all get diarrhea on game day from their shitty cheesteaks ... and then be forced to watch Donovan McNabb Chunky Soup commercials and his "episode" on Cribs afterward.

Fuck 'em.

Not that Joey Porter's Pit Bulls have anger and hostility issues. Well? What did you expect? Fuck 'em.

Go boo Santa Claus. Assholes.


bitch and blog said...

Booing Santa Claus? What kind of Nihilism is that? I am sensing a theme on your blog.

bitch and blog said...

As Cotter (One for the Other Thumb) said in a previous comment, "Mormons, dude. Like Nihilists on a high horse."

nellie said...

Geeze, sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!
Hopefully the Steelers are feeling the same way.

Lori said...

haha, I think we used the same picture entirely by accident. It's a classic, though. My first thought was "man the harpoons!" but I felt too mean to write that on my blog. Unfortunate day for the Steelers... fuck