Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mother Nature is HOT!

Just ask the Seattle Seahawks. It was witheringly HOT at Heinz Field on Sunday.

Today's high temperature: 80 degrees. It's Oct. 9. October ninth. Eighty.

But there's no such thing as global warming. I know, because Sean Hannity says so. So does Rush Limbaugh. They know.

Friday is Blog Action Day.


Cotter said...

Yeah man, did you see their f'ing bench. An awning? Fan with mist? What the hell is this a Day Spa? At least no one got a pedicure...that we know of.

Christmas Ape said...

A fan with mist AND a Steelers fan misting all over Deion Branch.

Anonymous said...

It is 54 in Cincinnati right now. The Bengals announced they are going to switch from their white prison uniforms, to their black ones and will still get their ass handed to them on a weekly basis.

Eric said...

Does anybody know where Bill O'Reilly stands on global warming? My guess is that he'd call global warming a secular progressive, dismiss it as a dastardly byproduct of Ludacris and then go to a commercial break.