Friday, October 12, 2007

Joey Porter Needs a Hug?

Well, at least that's what Kellen Winslow II ("The Soldier") says here and here.


Cotter said...

I particularly liked the part where he said Joey "isn't even there best player." Truth hurts I guess.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the great pics that go with your posts?
You always have great pictures that tell half your story without reading.
I'm fairly new to blogging and love the pics you put with your posts.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

To Anonymous: Thanks for the kind words about the pics. I find the pics one of two ways: (1) Through a deliberate image search on Google Images ... for example, for the "Quarter Pole" post on Oct. 2, I simply entered the words "Quarter Pole" in the search query on Google Images; or (2) By saving an image I like but am not sure whether I will ever use it for any reason. Come to think of it, that method accounts for the "Hug" and "Mother Nature is Hot" images, as well as many others. There's a third method, of course, and that is simply to pick up game-action photos from news or team sources. The Troy Polamalu photo with the Make-a-Wish kid is from the Steelers' official team site.

As a footnote, you'll notice the miscellaneous blogroll to the right of the page contains several links to advertising-related sites. Some of these carry some very interesting links and sources for photos.

Thanks again for checking in with Joey Porter's Pit Bulls!