Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome ... or not

Welcome to Joey Porter's Pit Bulls. If you didn't know already, they killed a horse. Sure, it was a miniature horse, but that makes it even better.

I was tempted to name this blog “Lil’ Angry,” the nickname for former Pirates outfielder and current Cubs coach Gene Clines. Bob Prince (aka "The Gunner"), the late, great Pirates' announcer, named Clines "Lil' Angry" for his style of play, which evoked an ebbing, barely contained fury. Lil' Angry was last seen in a Cubs uniform, however, so fuck 'im. I still kinda like his nickname, though, because,well, I'm just a little angry ... pretty much all the time. Kinda like Joey Porter's pit bulls.

My priorities and interests may explain this, as I am a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates (14 consecutive losing seasons and counting) and Steelers (with a record of 2-5 as of this writing).

If and when I post entries to this blog, they’ll probably be pretty lame but cover sports, mostly, and also some politics, music and urban culture stuff. We’ll see if I stay interested, and whether anybody else is, too. If not, we can always turn loose Joey Porter’s pit bulls.


k_maxi said...

hey there! funny story about your blog's name: a good friend of mine was hospitalized a few days after the joey-porter's-dogs-killing-a-horse incident, for drinking too much absinth. yeah, i know.
so i rush to the ER to see him, and i'm all, "dude! are you okay??"
he's leaning back in a chair in the waiting room, eyes closed, legs spread, arms flopped over the armrests. he opens his eyes. leans so close i can smell the absinth on his breath.
"did you hear about joey porter's dogs?" he asks. "can you imagine what that does for our defensive psych-out??"

with that, he went back into his absinth-induced semi-coma.

so, good name. :)

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Thank you!

"Absinthe is the best! The BEST, Jerry, the BEST!"

I wonder how Joey Porter's pit bulls would behave if their water bulls were filled with absinthe.

By the way, I like Say Whaaat.

-- Bern1