Monday, November 06, 2006

Not Happy

Joey Porter’s pit bulls are not happy today. No sirreee. Not at all. Not with Peezy, who didn’t show up (again). Not with Ike Taylor, who is now, officially, Javon Walker’s biaatch. Not with Deshea, who got old, all of a sudden, to compound being short. Not with Cedric "Not Entertaining" Wilson, who doesn't know which hand carries the ball whan running along the sideline (hint: it's the one closest to the sideline, dipshit). Not with the turf at Heinz Field, and when are they gonna fix that? And not happy, no, not at all, with two and six.

And Joey Porter? Hey! I’m talking to you!! If you’re going to get fined $15,000 — and that’s $15K less raw meat for the pit bulls, asswipe — at least get fined for something more interesting than mouthing off to the officials. Unless, that is, you want to release the transcript. Which, since we are Joey Porter’s pit bulls, we have:

“Awwhhh, dog! Hell the fuck no! Fuck that!!! I said, fuck that! And your ol’ lady, but I already done her, ‘n yo’ mama!!!”

Shee-it, you get fined $15K for that? You slippin, dude.

Watching this game reminded me of the masochistic Jehova's Witness ... He kept slamming the door in his own face.

Oh. And in case you didn't know already: "This is our country." Mellenfuck.


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

Avoid Lloyd.

Anonymous said...


frank said...

welcome to blogging.

let me be the first to say that no one wants to hear the fan of the team that had a super bowl handed to it by the referees bitch about being 2-6.



Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Dave: Thanks for the encouragement! Joey Porter's Pit Bulls will try to stay drunk and blog.