Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Linebackers: Who's really on the bubble?

The inside linebackers are set: Timmons, Shazier, Williams and Spence. Terrance Garvin makes the roster as a hybrid linebacker-safety and special teams force.  Jordan Zumwalt can play inside/outside, and he remains in contention to make the roster.

Outside, there's competition, and more question marks. The OLB starters are Jason Worilds and Jarvis Jones. Battling for roster spots are veteran incumbent Chris Carter; newly signed Arthur Moats; futures contract signee Vic So'oto; and rookie Howard Jones.

The big question is, What do the coaches really think about Chris Carter? His three years in Pittsburgh have been undistinguished, and he is entering his contract year. Carter plays only the OLB position. That lackluster track record and lack of position flexibility may hurt Carter's chances of making the final roster.

Moats almost certainly makes the roster. So'oto has played well in camp and looked solid vs. the Giants.  Howard Jones has tantalizing athleticism and upside -- much more so than Carter, although Hones is "raw," inexperienced at the position, and coming from a tiny school.

It should be interesting. The Steelers will probably keep 10 linebackers.  What do you think?

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