Sunday, May 11, 2014

A young Brett Keisel?

UFA signee Josh Mauro, DE, Stanford, has a prospect profile on that says, "draws comparisons to a young Brett Keisel." That sounds a bit lofty, but we shall see.

Mauro is one of two undrafted free agents the Steelers signed out of Stanford. The other is Devon Carrington, who was a reserve S/CB, and will get a chance to show what he can do on special teams in training camp, as will Mauro. That's were Keisel initially made his mark: special teams, specifically running down on kickoff coverage.

Other UFAs that may be worth keeping an eye on during the pre-season include: Chris Elkins, OL, Youngstown State; Brandon Kay, QB, Cincinnatti; and Kaycee Ike, OT, UAB, and Ethen Hemer, DE (6'6," 285), who put up 32 reps on the bench press at Wisconsin's pro day.

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