Saturday, January 04, 2014

Last-minute playoff predictions

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls don't have the greatest track record with predictions. Before the 2013 season, we forecast (with no joy) that the Steelers would win three to five games. They won eight. Not a great season for the team, but better than the prediction.

What we'd like to see happen in the playoffs and what we think will happen are two different things. We'd kind of like to see Kansas City in the Super Bowl vs. either the Eagles (for the Andy Reid angle) or the 49ers (for the Alex Smith angle).

What we think will happen is New England coming out of the AFC to play the Eagles. If that happens, it will be an ugly, obnoxious couple of weeks before the Super Bowl, with Massholes and Eagles fans descending upon New York City.  Can you imagine?

Ugh. Say no more.

Then again, we could also see a couple of darkhorses emerge: San Diego vs. Green Bay. That's not likely to happen, but we wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Chargers beat the Bengals, and they've already proven they can beat Denver. And the Packers have Aaron Rodgers.  It could happen.

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