Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ante up for Courtroom Poker in the NFL's Concussion Settlement

More courtroom antics coming: The news that a federal judge in Philadelphia ruled the NFL's $765 million settlement looked, well, uh, too low ... it's interesting. And the ruling sounds right. That figure's too low.

Apparently the judge sniffed all the cologne worn by Roger Goodell's minions of lawyers, turned up her nose and said, "Something stinks."

Now to follow: more arguments, legal tedium, tomfoolery, hijinks, shenanigans, chicanery, tomfoolery and skullduggery. Sounds like torture, although the lawyers will get paid handsomely, and, in the end, we'll pay for it all with higher cable bills.

We wouldn't be surprised if the judge eventually tells the NFL's attorneys to take that $765 million figure, multiply it by at least 10 and use that $7.65 billion figure as a starting point for further discussion.

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