Monday, November 18, 2013

For those of you criticizing Ike Taylor for not tackling Calvin Johnson ...

For those of you criticizing Steeler cornerback Ike Taylor for failing to tackle Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson on the 79-yard touchdown in the second quarter of Sunday's 37-27 Steelers win over the Lions, all we have to say is ... 

Look at the man.  You try to tackle him. That guy's gotta be tough to bring down.

Guess which one is Calvin Johnson?
That photo was taken after the game when Johnson and Steeler wide receiver Antonio Brown swapped jerseys in a show of mutual respect and good sportsmanship.

No disrespect to Antonio Brown. We're glad he's a Steeler. And, by all appearances AB is put together; he looks reasonably solid.

But Calvin Johnson? For someone listed as 6'5" and 245 pounds, he sure looks bigger. He stands literally head and shoulders above Brown (no disrespect, AB).

So, for anybody criticizing Ike Taylor, just imagine you're a defensive back; you try to tackle Johnson.

Watching Johnson in person must make Ben Roethlisberger wonder what it would be like to have him as a target -- in addition to Brown, of course. Antonio Brown happens to lead the NFL in number of catches this year. He is a fine receiver, and he had an excellent game on Sunday with seven catches for 147 yards and two touchdowns.

But Johnson? That guy is Megatron: a true No. 1 receiver, and the most imposing receiver in the game.

How the Steelers Won
No turnovers. That's a big part of it.

Plus, Matt Stafford ain't all that. And Jim Schwartz most certainly is no Bill Bellichick.

Note to Jim Schwartz:  Nobody, but nobody, suggested you were "scared."

Stupid, maybe; but not scared.

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