Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just two years ago, the Steelers beat the Patriots.

Tom Brady walks off the field after a last-gasp pass.
Hard to believe, but it was only two years ago (Oct. 30, 2011) that the Steelers held Tom Brady to 188 yards passing in a rousing Steelers' victory over the Patriots at Heinz Field. How times have changed.

It seems so long ago. Bruce Arians was the offensive coordinator, and that raucous win featured the following, according to the write-up on Joey Porter's Pit Bulls:
  • "The Steelers jumped out front, controlled the tempo, maintained a two-to-one edge in time of possession, converted 10 of 16 third downs (including multiple third-and-longs), and played well in every phase of the game, mistakes notwithstanding."
Can you imagine?  And then there was this:
  • "LaMarr Woodley sacked Brady twice and played a monster game before leaving with a pulled hamstring."
Uh-oh. An ominous portent.  That was effectively the end of LaMarr Woodley that sesason, and he hasn't played to that pre-injury level of excellence, consistently, ever since.

How times have changed. Today, the Patriots are 6-2, and the Steelers are 2-5. They truly are different teams. This merits checking, but the Steelers must have 35 players from that 2011 team who are no longer here.

Happy Halloween.

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