Tuesday, September 10, 2013


To use Mike Tomlin's latest favorite word -- "Obviously" -- the Steelers head coach obviously wasn't watching the same game the rest of us saw on Sunday.

The statements Tomlin made at his news conference today are alarming. He's either deluding himself or trying to bullshit the rest of us.

Tomlin said the Steelers' loss was "not all bad," but he couldn't possibly believe that. There was nothing good that came out of that game. Nothing. It was all bad.

"An explosive play or two" away from being in the game was how Tomlin described it. Yeah, and Tennessee was an explosive play or two away from making the game a complete rout.

The fact is, the Steelers got outplayed and outcoached in every facet of the game, any way you look at it.

And Tomlin's claim that the Steelers were "fortunate" no other team signed Jonathan Dwyer after Pittsburgh cut him? Hey, coach? There's a reason for that. Dwyer is unreliable, soft, and simply doesn't have what it takes to be consistently successful in the NFL. Nobody else -- not even the Browns, Jaguars or Jets -- wanted him. He stinks. That's why no other team picked him up. Obviously.

Instead of signing Dwyer, the Steelers would have been better off adding a clock-management expert to the payroll because Tomlin's in-game clock management has proven to be questionable, at best. "Lousy" would be another word for it.

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls like Mike Tomlin, but this is ridiculous. Don't piss down our backs and try to tell us it's raining.

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