Sunday, September 29, 2013

Game 4: Vikings In London

 A Pennsyltucky Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
Never mind that the NFL is to the UK what MLS is to America.

The Steelers and Vikings square off today at Wembley Stadium, and the game will be broadcast on CBS at 1 p.m. as if it's just another road match game for both teams -- with the poor Minnesotans designated as the "home" team in the NFL's blatant attempt to strong-arm the people (legislators) of Minnesota into building a new taxpayer-funded stadium.

On the pitch gridiron itself, the Steelers should win this game, despite a problematic offense and a defense that seemingly cannot intercept the ball or cause fumbles.

Minnesota has Adrian Peterson, the best running back in the game, but the Vikings also have: 1) Matt Cassell at quarterback; and 2) a defense that surrendered an average of 32 points a game over the first three games of the season.

So, while the name "Vikings" may send shudders down the spines of Englishmen who conjure visions of real-life Vikings arriving in long ships, screaming "Valhalla," and swarming northeastern English shores circa 867-950 A.D., today's NFL Vikings are somewhat less formidable.

The Steelers should win this game. If they don't, look out below.

Enjoy the game.  Tally-ho and cheerio.

Note: The photo accompanying this post is courtesy of Gordon Dedman's British blog, SteelersUK. Thanks, Gordon, and cheers.

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