Friday, November 16, 2012

"Excuses are the Tools of the Incompetent"

Number 9 by Jackson Pollock.  There's hope.  That we have.
What?  Oh, you thought that headline refers to Joey Porter's Pit Bulls, and why, oh why, aren't we posting every day with all that's going on?  Work.

Dem bones.  'Nuff o'that.

"Excuses are the tools of the incompetent," said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin this week, and you know what?  He's right.  This is no time to tarry, or dally, or derry, or lally. It's Ravens Week.

So.  No Ben Roethlisberger.  So what?

"Bahdjes?  We don' need no steenking bahdjes!"

Let's not make the Ravens into the '78 Steelers.  The Ravens have flaws, just like these Steelers have flaws.   They have injuries, just like the Steelers have injuries.

The Ravens' once-vaunted defense is a degenerate.mess. More so. Than the Steelers.  And, tru dat, the Steelers have holes on defense. If the Ravens have the balls and patience enough to do it, they would run right at Ziggy Hood's side of the line every down.  But they don't and they won't.

Which leaves us, where?

Joe Flacco's a good quarterback, better than most people give him credit for being.  Torrey Smith is Baltimore's answer to Mike Wallace.  Ray Rice is as good a running back as there is in the NFL. And just this past Sunday, the Ravens rang up a 55-20 win over an Oakland team that beat the Steelers.

Is there hope for a Roethlisberger-less Steelers team that also is missing Antonio Brown?

Consider This
The Ravens' defense is ranked 26th in the NFL.  During Baltimore's 31-29 win over Dallas on Oct. 14, the Cowboys controlled the ball for more than 40 minutes, ran the ball for 227 yards and trashed the Ravens for 481 yards.  

That's all.

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