Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Excuse me?

What is this?  Jonathan Dwyer took himself out of the game on at least one occasion? Because he was winded? How else are we to interpret the following nugget about from Ed Bouchette's article in today's Post-Gazette?
A couple of times, Dwyer signaled to the sideline for another back. One of those times came in the third quarter after he touched the ball on three consecutive plays -- a 15-yard screen pass followed by runs of 7 and 11 yards. 
"That was the whole idea," Dwyer said about taking himself out. "If you needed a blow, come out and someone would go in. That was the mentality."
Seriously?  Jonathan Dwyer is only good for three plays at a time?  Is that what he's telling us?  Not even an established player would do this -- an established player like, say, oh, let's sat an asthma-inflicted Jerome Bettis, who carved his Hall of Fame-caliber reputation by running hard, over and over again, in the fourth quarter.  Jonathan Dwyer is no Jerome Bettis.

Unbelievable.  Jonathan Dwyer has a lot to prove in this league.

Mike Wallace is leaving a lot of cash on the table.
Speaking of a somebody showing signs of a non-Steeler mentality, Mike Wallace is playing as if he is out to validate the concerns expressed about his focus, grit and ability to make clutch plays.  He will still get a big contract as a free agent in the off season -- but not the big contract he wants, not if he continues playing the way he has so far this season.  He's not helping his his team much, or himself.

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