Friday, February 03, 2012

Tom Clements Makes It Official

Not news, exactly, but the Packers yesterday confirmed what we noted on this humble blog on Jan. 26, which is that Tom Clements is staying in Green Bay as offensive coordinator.  Oh, well. That rules him out.

Also out of the picture, thankfully, are Jim Caldwell and Brad Childress, and we can surmise Todd Haley, too.  Fine.

At this point, on the eve of the Super Bowl, we can speculate the Steelers might be considering somebody from the coaching staff of either the New England Patriots or the New York Giants.

That would be okay with Joey Porter's Pit Bulls.  We'd prefer the Steelers steer clear of the usual suspects -- guys like Al Saunders and Jim Zorn -- and go with somebody like, say, Mike Sullivan, quarterbacks coach of the Giants, who has been instrumental in the development of Eli Manning.

Our prediction for the Super Bowl?  New England will win, going away. 

We hate to say it, and we hope that prediction is wrong, but that's our prediction -- which, hopefully, means the Giants will win.

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