Monday, November 07, 2011


How did the Steelers' defense allow Joe Flacco and the Ravens engineer a 92-yard drive with 2:34 left?

That, and allowing a crucial field-goal drive at the end of the first half? And what was up with that delay-of-game penalty on the 47-yard field-goal attempt in the quarter? ... a kick we had no confidence Shaun Suisham would make, and which might have been blocked in any case. And that Ben Roethlisberger interception? Plus a Ravens' fumble not pounced on, and a couple of potential interceptions not made. It all adds up to a loss.

Suddenly the Steelers are in third place in the division. They've lost both their games with the Ravens.

Tough loss, and one that bodes trouble for the rest of the season. Next up: Road game at division-leading Cincinnati.

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