Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome to The Game. Rashard

Yup. Thanks for showing up. We knew you could do it.

We saw it at Illinois. Who cares? Now, if you are at all interested in creating any kind of legacy, keep it going. You got the legs. The peripheral vision. The awareness. Fuckin' coaches always told me, "Keep those legs drivin', keep those legs pumpin'!"

Yeah, whatever.

See those hits comin' from the back of your head, that counts, too. Instantaneous peripheral vision does help.

But you and I both know. It ain't that. More 'n 'at. And it's more than just survival. Or, more than just havin' one good game on Prime Time TV.

It's winnin.'

You can be a winner.

But you ain't won nuthun' yet.

One game, muthuhuckuah. One game.

Main thing: Don't fall in love with yourself. Nobody else will. Count on it.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls Steel Triangle been hard on you. The scrutiny will continue. No rewards here. You ain’t won nothin ‘ yet.

Keep it going. Look at yourself. Hard. In the mirror.


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Gene Collier's Nice Homework Sums It Up:

"First down went something like this: 15-yard pass, 15-yard pass, 35-yard pass, 9-yard run, 4-yard run, 6-yard run, 5-yard run, 2-yard run, 4-yard pass, 5-yard pass, 7-yard run, 9-yard run, 2-yard run, 4-yard run, 20-yard pass, incomplete pass, 14-yard pass, 3-yard run, 26-yard pass, 10-yard run, 5-yard run, 2-yard run.

"When it ended, the Steelers had gained 264 of their 497 total net yards on first-down plays."

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