Monday, October 26, 2009

Swing Shift

Lots of swing shifts in momentum in this game. Lots to discuss, so let's get right to all the non-sequential non-sequiturs.
  • First, the inactives, from the Steelers' official site:
  • 1. #14 Limas Sweed, WR

    2. #20 Keenan Lewis, CB

    3. #38 Carey Davis, FB

    4. #54 Andre Frazier, LB

    5. #65 Kraig Urbik, OG

    6. #66 Tony Hills, OT

    7. #77 Sunny Harris, DE

    8. (3rd QB) #2 Dennis Dixon

Hmmm ... yeah, Limas Sweed, inactive again.
Not a good sign for him. Keenan Lewis, too.
Looks like Tony Hills ain't gonna make it, ever.

To tell you the truth, though, if I were Sonny Harris (not Sunny, as spelled above, by the Steelers), I'd be a bit perturbed and disturbed. And pissed.
  • On the other hand, congrats and a fist bump to Keyaron Fox for that game-saving interception and return for a touchdown. You were in there for the injured Lawrence Timmons, and Thank God you were. Right place, right time. And, get well, Law. You've been playing well.
  • Get well, too, Back Judge official Richard Reels, who was run down by some Wiking wannabe named Dugan, who cost the Vikings their late go-ahead touchdown by leg-whipping James Harrison. Then, subsequently, the Steelers' own Brett (Kiesel) knocked the ball out from their Brett (Favre), and Lamarr Woodley had that magical Harrisonesque return for a touchdown that represented basically a 14-point swing.
  • Which, by the way, salvaged what would have been a 14-point swing the other way because of Rashard Mendenhall's fumble. Gotta hold onto the ball, Rashard. Otherwise, 6.9 yards per carry don't really matter.
  • Odd statistical coincidence, for what it's worth, that Mendenhall and Minnesota's Adrian Peterson, the NFL's best running back, each had 69 yards rushing. Peterson is seriously scary, so good job, Steelers' defense (including the coaching staff [Dick LeBeau]) for containing Peterson. As ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said after the game, "When you throw the ball 51 times and get away from Adrian Peterson ... " (shakes head in bewilderment)
  • Oh, and by the way, for what it's worth, that dude Dugan went to my alma mater high school, Central Catholic, here in Pittsburgh. Thanks for representing, Dugan.
  • One of the things Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh used to say was that the difference between winners and losers in the NFL was a fourth-quarter pass rush. That's exactly what separated the Steelers (winners) yesterday from the Vikings (losers).
  • Congrats to the offensive line, too, for keeping those beasts off Big Ben, for the most part. That's a formidable defensive line you were up against. We might see them again, too. In the Super Bowl.
  • What's with Santonio Holmes's biceps-flexing? Where'd that come from? For all that, he made big plays, yet again.
  • Four off-sides? Please, get it together.
  • Three end-arounds?
  • Mike Wallace is becoming a go-to receiver. Yeah, and just when Steel Triangle was thinking Mike Wallace, a third-round choice in April's NFL draft, was better than Minnesota's Percy Harvin, a first-round choice -- bam! that kickoff return. Thanks again, Jeff Reed for the consistently short kickoffs and for the non-effort on the would-be tackle. Next year: A new kicker.
  • Back to Mike Wallace. He catches the ball. Percy Harvin had at least a couple of drops. Aside from the kickoff return, I was fairly unimpressed with Harvin.
  • Plus, kudos to old-man DeShea Townsend for staying step-for-step to break up a long pass intended for young-legs speedster Harvin late in the fourth quarter. That was a crucial play, and the pass was right on the money. Whew. Key play.
  • See ya in the Super Bowl, Minnie-ha-ha. Bring your cheerleaders. EspeciallyHelga. (above, for the hell of it, and just because we can). And Pam.
Photo Credit: showing Lamarr Woodley's game-changing return for a touchdown


Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

You be nice to Jeff Dugan. I went to college with his father (who is also my father's golfing partner).
Also a good friend of my nephew's.

That nice boy did us a huge favor.....Poor thing!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Why should I be nice to him? He went from one Vikings team (the Central Catholic Vikings) to another (the Minnesota Vikings).

He must like purple.