Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marquee Game of the Week

Steel Triangle has a feeling Brett Kiesel is getting sick and tired of hearing about Jared Allen.

Granted, Allen is great player, but so is Kiesel, and every bit as good an athlete. Allen has 7.5 sacks this seasaon, which is damn good, but I have a feeling Kiesel will show up on Sunday. Time to dial up the pass rush, which is not necessarily Kiesel's responsibility in any case. Lamarr, James, Lawrence and James? Dial it up. "Keep that arrow pointing upwards."

Meanwhile, Hines Ward, Ryan Clark and James Harrison are team leaders, not that they have anything to prove. They will show up.

This is the kind of game the Steelers win. I have a feeling the alumni will be there. The Steelers almost always win this kind of game at home.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Ben Roethlisberger leads the NFL in passing yardage, not Brett Favre. The Steelers lead the NFL in yards per pass attempt, 9.1 yards per pass attempt, which former NFL head coach and offensive wizard Mike Martz called "freaky." The Steelers racked up 1o plays of more than 20 yards each -- each a BIG play -- last week against Cleveland. Ten!!!

This is not your father's Pittsburgh offense.

For all that, we may see this Wikings team again.

In the Super Bowl.

First, as Coach Tomlin says, "We've gotta minimize explosion plays."

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