Friday, October 16, 2009

Eric Mangini is a Fool

Cleheaveland Browns Coach Eric Mangini is a fool if he lets any combination of those two characters in the photo (quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn) throw more than 10 passes in the Clowns' game with the Steelers on Sunday.

If I were coaching the Browns, and Thank God I'm Not, I would run the ball 50-60 times on Sunday -- whatever, at least 90 percent of the snaps. The Browns actually have some talent on their offensive line (Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Hank Frahley), and offensive linemen love to dig in their heels and just go.

Plus, the Clowns have a Cro-Magnon, cement-headed running back, Jamal Lewis, who is an ex-con -- Federal Pententiary, by the way, not just County -- who would just love to get the carries. Why not?

So, Eric Mangini, you're a fool if you let those clowns at QB throw to that motley crew of inexperienced, unaccomplished receivers.

Sure, throw 10 times. No more. Maybe four times to the running backs. Twice to the tight ends. Two crossing routes. And twice downfield just to stretch the defense (not that you're fooling anybody or going to accomplish anything).

Just some free advice. Fool.


Browns broadcaster and former offensive lineman Doug Dieken, appearing on the always-entertaining "Inside the Locker Room" show broadcast daily on the radio by Tunch and Wolf (Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley), revealed this nugget today:

"People always ask me, 'Who should we have taken in the draft ... Joe Thomas or Adrian Peterson?', and I say, 'Listen, what you don't realize is this -- the general manager wanted to take Jamarcus Russell. Think where we'd be if that had happened.'"


To which I say, Thank God I'm a Steelers' fan, and not a Browns, uh, backer.

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