Wednesday, October 21, 2009

About Jeff Reed

Well, okay, Steel Triangle finds it slightly curious but unsurprising that when you go to Google Images and you type in Jeff Reed, that, yup, you guessed it, "Autocomplete" finishes the entry for you as "Jeff Reed Drunk."

There are so many options!

In any case, yeah, indeed, what if Jeff Reed misses a couple field goals on Sunday?

To blatantly cut-and-paste a comment Steel Triangle placed on D. C. Steeler Nation ...

"If I hear about Jeff Reed partying at Krobar/SportsRock or elsewhere in the Strip Distict; or at McFadden's or elsewhere on the North Side/Shore; or any of the innumarable bars on the South Side; or in Shadyside or on Mt. Washington ... or where-ever the fuck this muhfucker parties, I'm gonna be pissed.

For one thing, it's entirely possible he'll get arrested again. Let's not dismiss that possibility. He'd better not, either.

More importantly, the motherfucker better not miss any field goals this Sunday. This looks to be a close game.

If he does miss field goals, just cut him. Bring back that Piotr Czech dude, who actually looked, well, sort of okay, during the pre-season. He might even be able to play for the Penguins.

I know, Jeff Reed's been money for us, kicked a ton of clutch kicks, including in the Super Bowl. But, yeah, if he continues this binge he's been on, fuck him.

I can do it (partying) -- nobody cares. But he's a fucking Steeler. We're in-season. Get it together, Skippy. The eyes of Steeler Nation are upon you.

We're taking this shit seriously. You'd better be takig it seriously, too."

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