Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yeah, we're woried about the BenGALS, believe it or not . It's not so much Carson Palmer, who is a pussy, and not to be confused with the real Ben-Gals cheerleaders, pictured above, who are fine. Well, fine enough.

It just seems Cinci's defense seems to be better, a lot better, and we've been paying attention.

The other thing, Cedric Benson. He seems to get it, all of a sudden, and he's a bruiser who runs effectively between the tackles. Apparently he got sober, somewhere along the way,and he's always been a talent, as attested by his status as the No. 4 overall draft pick out of the University of Texas. The dude can play.

What also concerns us is the middle of the Steelers' defense. Casey Hampton ... dunno. What's going on? Did he get old all of a sudden? We're gonna need an inside push, and if he ain't deliverin' it, where's it comin' from?

Also, the Bears showed the blueprint for targeting the tight end in Troy's absence. Tyrone Carter was a nanosecond late on every highlight play, there's no denying that. And he's too small, although he does hit.

The other thing, so far as covering the tight end, maybe Carter would have benefitted from getting help from one of the linebackers. Lawrence Timmons? Apparently not healthy.

The Bengals may or may not have a tight end that plays as well as the Bears' Greg Olsen. We doubt it, but still.

Oh, and by the way, we fairly convinced Willie Parker has some kind hamstring injury, or something wrong with him. He ain't lookin' too fast. And Rashard Mendhall had one nice run in Chicago. We've gotta see more.

And, let's hope Jeff Reed returns to form, too.

Anyway, we will be watching Casey Hampton's play with great interest this weekend.

We shall see. We're worried.

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