Friday, September 11, 2009

How 'bout ...

How 'bout the Steelers' Mike Wallace (no, not the guy pictured above, from CBS's "60 Minutes") catching the clutch 22-yard pass in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal? And, how 'bout the Steelers trusting and even using him in that situation? Key play.

Big Ben was his usual excellent self. Troy was crazy good -- until he got hurt, and that's a major concern now for the defense. The drop-off was palpable after his injury.

The running game needs to be fixed. So, too, the offensive line. At this pace, Big Ben will get sacked 64 times this season, if he lives that long.

Other than that, this was an excellent win. Tennessee was one of the tougher games on our schedule. Now, that's out of the way.

Time to hit the road.

Oh, and the pre-game show was awesome, especially the moving tribute to the 9/11-Flight 93 passengers & crew, and their families. Great job by the Black-Eyed Peas, Time McGraw and Harry Connick, Jr.

Way to go, Steelers.

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