Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curiouser 'n curiouser

Mike Tomlin's announcements, roster moves and "calling-out" pronouncements at yesterday's news conference were interesting. Nothing earth-shaking in the great scheme of things, but attention-getting nonetheless.

Welcome back Carey Davis. He never did much with the ball, but he was rarely asked to do much, and at least he didn't fumble it, either.

The coaching staff must still see something in rookie running back Frank Summers, or they could just as easily have reached an "injury settlement" and put him on the waived-injured list, no? (Disclosure: Joey Porter's Pit Bulls may be wrong on the roster-maneuvering rules, and no surprise there.)

So, here's a thought: They may be giving up on Summers as a fullback -- but preparing to groom him to fill some level of vacancy at running back next season. He never really was a fullback, anyway. And by some level of vacancy, at least two vacancies come immediately to mind.

As noted here a couple weeks ago, time to wake up, Rashard Mendenhall. You have a golden opportunity, and you're letting it get away. Look at it this way: Willie Parker's great and all, but ... How healthy is he, really? Not only does Fast Willie have turf toe -- which will slow him down and which, by the way, was the injury that ultimately ended the legendary tough guy Jack Lambert's career -- but Parker also is in his contract-walk year. He may not be here next season. Which is why the team, knowing his contract status, drafted Mendenhall with the 23rd pick in the first round last year. Everybody knows this. Except, apparently, for Rashard Mendenhall.

We still don't know about Limas Sweed, either. Seems like he may have vision problems, literally, like opthalmological-vision problems. Just speculation. We're good at that.

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