Thursday, October 16, 2008

Huh? You're not??

Ever-quotable Bengals wide receiver Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, whom the Steelers face on Sunday, had this to say during yesterday’s conference call with the Pittsburgh media:

"Now the reason for us not being successful, I'm not Dr. Seuss (?) but I know damn well we shouldn't be losing the way we are with what we have. It all comes down to us however you want to look at it."

Well, Dr. Seuss Ocho Cinco here’s how Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls look at it: You suck!

And so does the rest of your cretinous, verminous “team.”

Oh, and good luck on Sunday getting the ball from backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (Patrick FitzRyan?).

Oh, yeah, this should go well for you.

And what's Dr. Seuss got to do with this anyway?

Also, check out some awesome alternative nicknames for Chad Johnson, along with some wonderful PhotoShop goodness over at Nice Pick Cowher.

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Lori said...

hahaha, love the graphic. so appropriate