Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Should be Interesting ....

Steelers vs. Eagles. The Eagles present an interesting dilemma for the Steelers next Sunday. Road game, for one thing. A 4 p.m. game on the road, in Philadelphia for another. What could possibly go wrong?

Having watched the Eagles vs. Cowboys, a number of things come to mind. The Eagles score points. The Eagles give up points. Their defensive schemes are confounding, but their defensive personnel isn't that good. On offense, Donovan McNabb and Bryant Westbrook are over-rated. Seriously, they are. The Steelers can win this game.

The Steelers will win this game.

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Cotter said...

All we gotta do is sack the shit out of McNabb. Pressure. That's all. And I, for one, think we're up to the task.