Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Going to Cleveland is so much fun.

JoeyPorter's Pit Bulls get legitimately excited about Cleveland Week. The Steelers can put the Browns in a serious hole on Sunday night, and we believe they will. And we get to see Kellen Winslow, the "Soldier." Another reason to live!

(The following is a reprise post from November 2006, just because we're uninspired and have been too preoccupied with Life Crappola lately.)

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls love the Dawg Pound.

It’s not that we’re combative or anything … but it’s just so much fun to encounter guys with dog masks who think they’re BAD; and then, despite ourselves, stay out of jail.

The real Dawg Pound died with Municipal Stadium, just as the old Browns franchise died when Art Modell highjacked it to Baltimore. Prick.

We haven’t been to the new Browns Stadium, which looks nice, but take our word for it, Municipal Stadium was not nice. Anything but.

“Barely controlled riot” would be the words to describe the Dawg Pound during Steelers-Browns games. Never mind the disgusting, overflowing restrooms and Myron Cope routinely pissing off the stadium rooftop (true story, told by Cope himself many times). Never mind the continuing jawing and woofing between fans from Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Never mind the distractions, such as the periodic incursions of uniformed police that would snap attention from the action on the field — which itself, typically, was spastically violent in bizarre ways.

No, there are memories of sounds, too, such as, for instance, the distinctive crack of a revolver … in the stands, mind you … which triggered a massive response from Cleveland’s Finest and even more brawling fueled by testosterone, drugs and alcohol.

Hollywood couldn’t begin to stage such mayhem.

Real. Surreal. Hyper-real.

Ah, the memories.


honkbopsax said...

My prediction? Steelers 31, Browns 20. DA sucks donkey D.

Cotter said...

EXCELLENT post! I can't wait for Sunday!

Line up my IC Lights, it's going to be a great one...

nellie said...

Do you think they put an exemption for Steeler/Brown games in the new NFL code of conduct policy?
I certainly hope so.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

honkbopsax: 31-20 sounds about right to me.

cotter: IC Light may not be strong enough for this one. Better take a flask of whiskey, too.

nellie: Excellent point. Somebody call the commissioner's office immediately. After all, it will be after dark in Cleveland.

Lori said...

There was a quote in my sociology article about the Dawg Pound and how they talked about Cleveland's departure to Baltimore with "an overwhelming sense of loss and powerlessness... it was if they had had their manhood taken away from them."

I know, only mildly related,

BUT more related: I go to school in Cleveland. My neighbors are browns fans, I'm going to not let them live this one down.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Lori: Just curious, not trying to be a smaratass, but just wondering ... but did the article/study say anything about whether women who were Browns' fans at the time also feel emasculated? Did they also feel that their "manhood" had been taken from them? Just askin'.

Ah, yes, as a CWRU alum, I can empathize with you how it is to go to school in Cleveland as a Steelers fan. Keep the faith, Lori, keep the faith.

Lori said...

haha awesome. I go to Cleveland Institute of Music, but am taking the soci class at case. The point was more about how men use sports to learn what society tells us is masculine, how anything else is unacceptable and how it's gotten a bit out of control. The point about women is that this world alienates them and devalues feminine qualities. Also, the Browns quote was small. The article wasn't amazing.

debatable, but interesting.

It's not hard to be a Steelers fan here. When I see browns fans, I'm like "aw, that's unfortunate for you" I think they know they suck, they're passive.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Lori: Very impressive. CIM's a world-class music school. When I lived in CWRU's dorms, I had friends from CIM who practiced, practiced, day and night. That's how they got to Carnegie Music Hall. Literally. World-class musicians. Very interesting and fun people to be around. Funny, down-to-earth, and charismatic characters. Shiningly brilliant, world-class musicians. Funny as hell, too. Mix in the art students from CIA, a few bio-medical engineering students, a lost English major or two (raises hand sheepishly), and you've got a wild mix, and a lot of fun. Good for you.

Yeah, agreed, about the article, and about how sad it must be to be a Browns fan (kinda like being a Pirates fan). For what it's worth, *this* world appears not to be *my* world -- never has been, with two feminist sisters -- and I would never devalue feminine qualities or any kind of female perspective. Check out the blogroll: (Bitch & Blog, Black & Gold Tchotchkes, Fresh Air Lover, Pittsburgh Lesbians, "Hockey, Football & Stiletto Shoes", Asian Fun & Then Some, Burgh Blog, Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society, Pop City, Sunset Gun). Not saying that this particular Steelers' blog is any better or worse than any other. Just that I appreciate and welcome the perspective of one an all. Enjoy the game on Sunday night. Hope to hear from you again, and good luck in school. It's a tough program.

Lori said...

It's so incredibly rare that I run into a blog I have a problem with. Bloggers seem to be nice people. Congrats on being an english major in a sea of math. I pride myself in having one CIA friend complete with dreads, piercing, more eye liner than I own (guy) and acid.

Anyway, I love the blog, and I value the days that the Steelers take on the Browns. And, with all the students, there are probably as many steelers fans around campus.

nellie said...

My favorite t-shirt could have helped JPPB back in the day based on Lori's last comment.
Here's the link. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out.
Great t-shirts.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Lori: Agreed. This blogging community feels like a community of friends,no matter where we are. Feels like we could all just appear at the same place someday and have a party, and all get along and just have fun. Which, anymore, doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

nellie: FUNNY. Thanks so much. Love the "I'm an English Major, you do the math Tshirt." Very, very funny stuff. Healthy, too.

nellie said...

Thought that one would give you a chuckle based on the previous comments here.