Thursday, May 01, 2008

We're Number One!

Headlines across the nation proclaim: "Pittsburgh Beats Out Los Angeles As U.S. City With Worst Air Pollution"

But don’t blame us. It's not our fault!

According to ABC News:

Pittsburgh scored poorly in short-term particle pollution, overtaking habitual offender Los Angeles. Pittsburgh also came in second on the list of most polluted cities for year-round particle pollution.

George Leikauf, a professor of environmental health at the School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, found the results of the study only "a little surprising."

"I'm not an apologist for Pittsburgh. … Particulate has been associated with more deaths than ozone. If you had to pick your poison, you'd rather have ozone than particulate matter."

Although much of the country may have a stereotype of Pittsburgh as a blue collar, steel mill town, Leikauf says that's no longer the case. According to him, more than 80 percent of western Pennsylvania's particulate matter actually drifts from Ohio power plants.

They're probably Browns fans.

Anywhoo, according to the UK's
Reuters News Service (and what do they know?), the American Lung Association concludes: "In Pittsburgh, the biggest source of particle pollution is a steel plant in nearby Clareton."

For the record, asswipe, it's spelled "Clairton." Get it right.

For all that, Leijauf (the guy from Pitt) says,

"It turns out we don't have very many steel mills at all anymore," Leikauf said. "These are fine particles. They stay suspended in the air. You can detect them in the Antarctic. In fact, some of California's air pollution is coming from China."

Just great: American jobs get exported to China, and Chinese air pollution gets exported back to us.

Whatever. Let's go Pens!


domski43 said...

thats it, i'm going green! f-it i'm going to start smoking

Anonymous said...

I would like (cough) to accept (cough, cough) this award (cough) in memory (cough, cough) of my mother. (cough, cough,cough)