Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving With Joey Porter and Ricky Williams

Joey Porter, always gentle, kindly and avuncular, is no doubt taking Ricky Williams under his gentle stewardship, now that Williams is returning to the Dolphins after four league suspensions for pot. Nobody can say Ricky Williams has not had "high" points throughout his career.

Always a calm, soothing influence, Joey Porter probably is going to guide Williams, perhaps even inspire him, and maybe, just maybe, “motivate” him. And, by motivate, we mean kick his ass.

Can you imagine Thanksgiving Dinner at the Joey Porter household?

We wonder how his pit bulls are doing. We know they were a little, uh, rambunctious, when they lived here in Pittsburgh.


In case you were wondering what Joey Porter was up to early this week, the Philadelphia Daily News reports …

"The 0-10 Miami Dolphins can't win on the football field, but linebacker Joey Porter hoped for a win at the craps table Monday night at Atlantic City's Borgata.

"At the hotel, where he partied at the mur.mur nightclub, Porter was heckled by a couple of Eagles fans before his bodyguards and Borgata security stepped in."

Eagles fans, heckling? Huh. We didn’t know they did that sort of thing.

Of course, if this is how Joey Porter typically spends his Monday evenings, then we can certainly understand why he declined to participate as an honoree in the Steelers' 75th anniversary celebration at halftime of the Monday night game against the Ravens a couple of weeks ago.


Additional Addendae

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Cotter said...

After that whole Vegas thing, Joey might want to think twice before hanging out at the casino again...

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Yeah, I was wondering if Levi Jones was in Atlantic City, too. Maybe Joey Porter heard that Levi Jones was hanging out at the mur.mur club.

Jason said...

I love how the Dolphins are bringing Ricky back without an issue. Because a guy ditched them, had all the drug suspension issues, etc. is just what the doctor ordered for an 0-10 team.