Thursday, November 29, 2007

Looking Forward

The Bengals are just so cu-u-ute. Even cuter than the cheerleading Ben-gals, who at least are professional and tend to their business, as you can see in the photo.

No, the football-playing Bengals, when they aren't getting arrested, tend to be preoccupied with preening (T.J. Douchemandzadeh), gimmickry (coaches Marvin Lewis and Bob Bratkowski), cornholing (Carson Palmer), and made-for-TV sideshow antics (Chad Johnson).

Aas for the latter, as MJD observed Monday on Deadpin's "MJD Smorgasbord" ...
"Chad Johnson scores for the Bengals and then commandeers a CBS camera. I guess that's his whole act, he's going to pretend to be a cameraman for a few seconds. He'll get penalized for "excessive celebration," but I think in this case, that's a poorly named penalty ... this isn't celebration, this is choreographed attention-whoring. It doesn't feel like there's anything celebratory about it."

Well said. Then, there's always Chris Henry, notorious on many fronts, including the incident when police observed him vomiting out a car window as a teammate was being arrested.

Bengals, Bingles, Bangles, Bungles. It should be an interesting weekend.

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Cotter said...

The only thing the Bungles have that I would want are the Ben-Gals...where do they find these girls in Ohio???