Thursday, September 27, 2007

Uncle Sam Wants ... Sen. Larry Craig?

So I’m at the Pirates game last night (great catches by outfielders Nyjer Morgan and Nate McLouth by the way).

I go to the men’s room to do my business. Standing there, staring blankly at the ad poster above the urinal, I notice a business card inserted in the lower left corner of the poster frame. Looking more closely, I see it’s a business card for a recruiter from the U.S. Army National Guard. I’m thinking, “So this is what it’s come to in the world of recruiting for the armed forces: Trolling men’s rooms in public venues, sticking business cards in ad posters to solicit recruits.”

I understand recruiting numbers are down, especially for African-Americans (arguably the backbone of the U.S. Army), but this is ridiculous.

Even more depressing: Has it really gotten this bad for Pirates’ fans? I mean, seriously, what desperate, disconsolate Buccos’ fan is going to be so forlorn by yet another 90-loss season to the point that you’re standing there, thinking, “All right, I’ve had enough of all this losing. I’m giving up on the Pirates and am going to sign up NOW to go to Iraq! Fallujah, here I come!!"


Anonymous said...

Maybe they figure Buccos' fans might sign up hoping to get stationed in a place like Ft. Dix.Taking a chance they will spend the last 6 weeks of their lives within 100 miles of a baseball team that plays in October.
Just a thought.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I hear Larry Craig likes to hang around FT. DIX.

Anonymous said...

That's funny.

Know what I think happened? I think he dropped the recruiter's card and thought the guy in the next stall just wanted to HAND it back over.
Either that, or he needed more toilet paper?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

He had a "wide stance."