Friday, March 02, 2007

Ol' 55


John said...

Mistake! The Steelers are in need of leadership more now than ever. No Bettis, no Cowher, and now, no Porter?!? I've read that this release could have been influenced by fears that a Porter holdout could undermine Tomlin's authority. Give me a break. Tomlin's an NFL head coach. If he cannot handle a holdout, then he should not be the head coach of our Steelers. Furthermore, why Porter? Ike Taylor cannot even make the starting lineup, and no one is talking about his over-sized contract. I do hope it all works out, but I am not please with the direction we're heading.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I dunno ... I've liked Joey Porter, but it just seems the time is right to part ways. This is probably as much about cap management as anything, and his age, as well as health questions and declining productivity (he was invisible at times for extended stretches during games last year). Given all that, the Steelers weren't about to sign Joey Porter to an extension at this stage of his career.

Ike Taylor is still a young guy who has had success in this league and, given the contract extension he signed on the eve of last season, the cap hit would have been untenable.

It's a changing of the guard, that's all. We wish Joey Porter the best of luck.

Sean said...

The big question: Will the focus of your blog be on the Steelers or Joey Porter during the next football season?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The focus will definitely be on the Steelers. Joey Porter may be gone, but his pit bulls are sticking around. Horses beware!

In the meantime, we'll be watching offseason developments, particularly the NFL draft, and other vagaries of life ... i.e., the Pirates, baseball, the Nikkei stock index (just kidding!) and, well, life in general. We'll probably weigh in on stupid advertising and rant a bit about politics, music, work, technology, contemporary urban culture and the weather ... y'know, just like everybody else. The Steelers will always be high on the hierarchical list, just as they always have been and just as they always will be.