Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Benson is Livid

We wonder what poor Anna Benson will do now that hubby Kris Benson will miss the entire 2007 baseball season with a torn rotator cuff. Kris Benson, the under-achieving former Pirates' pitcher who never attained the success projected for him as an overall No. 1 draft pick, once again has come up injured. And we can only surmise the seething reaction of Anna Benson, the temperamental, volatile, publicity-seeking former stripper who seemed to rely on Kris to help her attain the fame and fortune she so clearly seeks.

Think she's going to be happy with Kris shelved, out of the spotlight, sitting around doing rehab? Didn't think so.

With the passing of Anna Nicole Smith last week, Anna Benson seemed like a logical candidate toassume the mantle of high-profile, silicone-implanted, whacked-out celebrity bimbo run amok in the tabloids and other unsavory spotlights. Now, who knows? Maybe Kris's latest injury, however, will provoke her to ramp up her game for exponentially more berserk and provocative behavior.

The following is from the safe-for-mainstream-media Associated Press:

"In 2005, his first full season with the Mets, Benson allowed three runs or fewer in 19 starts. He was 10-8 with a 4.31 ERA, but New York won 17 of the 28 games in which he appeared.

"But the Mets traded Benson for pitchers Jorge Julio and John Maine. There was speculation that the deal was perpetuated by the behavior of Benson's wife, Anna, who has her own Web site and publicly discussed intimate details of their sex life. "Mets general manager Omar Minaya contended that Anna Benson was not a factor in the trade. Anna Benson asked for a divorce in late March last year, but rescinded the request within the week."


Debbie said...

I have no idea who any of these people are. I think I'm better off that way.

Oh, except for Anna Nicole Smith. Oy.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Yup, you are definitely better off not knowing who Anna and Kris Benson are. They are a match made in hell, pissants and cretins.

Appearing on Howard Stern's show when Krissy was with the New York Mets a couple years ago, Anna Benson vowed that if Kris ever cheated on her, she would f*** the entire Mets team, including the ball boys, coaches and grounds crew. As you might imagine, that provoked a bit of reaction in the New York tabloids.

Anonymous said...

you know she'll divorce his ass and go after howard k stern.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ouch. Now that WOULD be a match made in hell, only a couple of levels lower.

Anonymous said...

The only thing lower,since she seems to take a liking to baseball players,how about her and Barry Bonds? She'll certainly get the press she desires er, deserves.