Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To Die For

In an article headlined, “Gem Sellers Launch Blitz Against Blood Diamond the trade publication Ad Age reports the World Diamond Council has launched a $15 million “public relations” campaign to quash open discussion negativity associated with the diamond trade.

According to Ad Age, “South Africa-based DeBeers, which markets more than 40% of the world's diamonds, has been front and center in the PR efforts.”

The new movie Blood Diamond opened a few days ago against the juxtaposition of a holiday-season torrent of incessant and mind-numbing advertising by exploitative retail jewelry chain stores like Zales, Kay Jewelers and the most insipid and embarrassed of them all, Jared, which was apparently named after the guy in the Subway commercial.

“The film makes its debut,” notes Ad Age, “during the heaviest selling season for the $60 billion-a-year worldwide diamond industry …Watchdogs think a powerful Hollywood film that's well-received could be the diamond business’ worst nightmare, causing a boycott of the gems that movies and TV shows for years have glamorized.”

As Ben Harper sang, “She’s got di-a-monds on-n the in-side.”


k_maxi said...

is it just me, or have there been 40569834 times as many insipid diamond commercials this year as in past years?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

It's not just you, Katie.

The wave of pandering, insipid jewelry chain-store commercials has been building for the past few years. Some of us find them annoying and supercilious ... kind of like the holiday-season commercials touting obscenely expensive luxury cars as gifts.

More on that topic a bit later today (hopefully).