Friday, December 08, 2006

Fast Willie Parker. A very cool breeze.
Breezing right in, thank you Fresh Air Lover.
Joey Porter's Pit Bulls have always found it ee-zee to root for young Mr. Parker. Like most folks, we like The Underdog, so we've very much liked Willie ever since the preseason of his rookie year, when we have a Distinct Memory of sitting Bolt Upright when Willie "Turned the Corner" on one of his first carries in a meaningless August game against the Carolina Panthers.
Then we learned that his coach at The University of North Carolina wouldn't let him advance past third string, for some unspecified reason.
Joey Porter's Pit Bulls can relate.
Whether that was the coach's stupidity or pettiness (the same thing?), it doesn't matter.
Joey Porter's Pit Bulls salute Willie Parker for his accomplishments.
Sheez, Fast Willie is FAST. The other thing that makes him easy to root for, is that he's so down to earth, self-deprecating and humble. For the longest time, he was reluctant to embrace the moniker "Fast Willie," which was laid on him for obvious reasons. He thought it made him sound shady, like Fast Willy Loman.
Also, we like him for honoring his father. He gave his Super Bowl ring to his father.
Yeah, Willie, we like you, for all kinds of reasons.
Congratulations on your second 200-yard rushing game of the season, and that is a very rare thing.
By the way, would it not be interesting to have a third 200 yard game of the season?


frank said...

willie and "ugly" ben roethlisberger(what? if fast is willie's obvious nickname i'm assuming ugly is ben's nickname) have gotten me to week 15 in my suicide pool. go steelers!

but in non-drunken stuff comments, me and two of my friends watched the entire game, and we were stunned to see that willie had that many yards. it never seemed like he broke 150. we cursed him when he fumbled.

but hey. go willie! i'm three weeks away from $9K. go steelers! (unless i pick against them from here on in)

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ugh Ben Roethlisberger. Like it.

Non-drunken stuff comments don't count.

Right now: Invest that $9K on Rutgers in the bowl game.

You won't regret it. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Anonymous said...

especially against the Panthers!


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Amen to that, Lynne.

His best chance, however, for a third 200-yard game this season is probably the Bengals game on New Year's Eve. The Bengals' run defense can be had.