Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Ju-Ju

“Soul is the ability to make people feel better, no matter their situation.”
-- Wynton Marsalis, on the late Ed Bradley of CBS’s 60 Minutes

Well, Willie Parker, thank you for making Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls and Steelers fans everywhere feel a little better. Yes we can-can: Twenty-two rushes, 213 yards and two touchdowns. Best running back on the field. Congratulations.

The best receiver on the field was the Saints’ Marques Colston. Ten catches, 169 yards. Three drops, but still. As noted in a previous post, how did the Steelers’ scouts miss this guy?

Other kudos:

Congrats to Drew Brees, who played a tremendous game and, now that his mother, Mina Brees, lost the race for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas, no longer has to worry about his image being used against his wishes in electoral campaign ads.

A one-fingered salute to Chris Gardocki for continuing to suck.

Congratulations to Ryan Clark for two fumble recoveries.

Congratulations to Troy Polamalu for continuing his history of concussions. Get better, Troy.

Kudos to Steelers defensive ends Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel, who were beasts.

And a big “fuck you” to John Mellencamp:

“From the East Coast to the West Coast,
From the Dixie Highway to … Cleveland?
This is our country.”

Whose country?

More thoughts on this later.

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